Things To Know About Computer Maintenance

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Armed with a little know-how, you can protect the life of your PC by performing some routine computer maintenance. For example, one should never turn off the computer by pressing the power button. It should only be shut down by clicking the icon on your desktop to prevent damage to the hard drive and loss of information.

Each time you turn on the computer, there could be several programs running. That may not sound like such a bad thing, but if you consider how it affects the processing speed and takes up memory, it can be a pretty big deal after all! Open up your task manager to see how many programs are running and determine which ones are not necessary. Change the settings on the programs you don’t need so that they don’t automatically run each time you turn on the machine.

Regarding free space, keep at least 300 MB free on your C: drive. If you overload this drive, your PC will start to dump items on your hard drive, which in turn, slows down your computer. To free up space, use the ADD/Delete function of your control panel to delete any unnecessary files. You should also clean your C: drive every week. It will automatically check for unused programs and ask you before deleting them.

Registry cleaning and weekly removal of cookies will also help your system run smoothly. The registry is a database that stores configuration options and settings. It gets cluttered easily. A cookie is a piece of information sent to a web browser to help them track your activities. If you don’t maintain the registry and delete cookies often, your computer may be sluggish.

Another important thing to do each month is to defragment your hard drive. You will want to close down any applications running and back up any data before you start. By defragging your PC, you will rearrange the items to create more space and allow the computer to function better. In simple terms, your computer will run faster with routine defragmenting.